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Features of the product

GMAT Quant contains questions only from the Quantitative part of the GMAT ( Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency ).

The total number of the questions is 400 ( 230 Problem Solving, 170 Data Sufficiency ) and they are qrouped in 10 full sample tests ( 39 - 40 questions averagely ). There is additional section with Data Interpretation questions - very helpful to handle these tricky types of question included in the GMAT.

GMAT Quant contains a special section for the data interpretation types of GMAT questions - dealing with charts, graphs and tables - analyzing and interpretating data.

380 of the questions have complete explanation of the solution.

You can immediately see, whether your answer is correct and read the explanation.

Scoring is available at the end of each test (your percent of success is calculated).

Screenshots from GMAT Quant

Easy to navigate and switch between all the ten sample tests and the data interpretation section.
Clean style, designed to help you visually remember the question.

The immediate explanation is a powerful and very useful tool for remembering the right action in a complicated situation or problem.

Scoring after every test.

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What do you receive?

Only one thing:

A perfect training package that will help you boost your overall GMAT score.



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