GMAT Math - all that you should be familiar with!
1. Axioms and fundamentals
2. Number properties
positive and megative numbers
properties of odd and even numbers
rules for odd and even numbers
multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers
prime numbers
3. Multiples and factors
rules about divisibility
prime factorization
4. Fractions
reducing fractions
comparing fractions with the same denominator
comparing fractions with the same numerator
adding and substracting fractions
converting fractions
multiplying and dividing fractions
5. Decimals
converting decimals to fractions
adding, substracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals
common percent , decimal and fractional equivalents
comparing decimals
6. Percents
translating English to math in percent problems
converting decimals or fractions to percents
converting percents to decimals or fractions
using the percent formula to solve percent problems
percent increase and decrerase
multi-step percent problems
compound interest
7. Averages
finding the average of a group of numbers
using the average to find the sum
using the average to find the missing numbers
combining averages
range and standart deviation
8. Ratios and rates
what are ratios
part, part and part, whole ratios
average rate
9. Powers and radicals
multiplying powers
dividing powers
raising a power to a power
negative numbers and powers
fractional powers
negative powers
radicals (the square root)
simplifying radicals
rules of operations with radicals
multiplying and dividing radicals
10. Algebra
adding and substracting monomials
adding and substracting polynomials
simplifying polynomials
multiplying algebraic expressions
the FOIL method
solving equations
solving for x
algebraic inequalities
solving 'in terms of'
isolate the variable
factoring algebraic expressions
factoring algebraic expressions - FOIL in reverse
factoring the difference of squares
factoring the square of a binomial
simplifying algebraic fractions
simultaneout equations: substitution
simultaneout equations: combining the equations
quadratic equations
time and distance problems
work problems
probability problems
permutations and combinations
11. Lines and angles
supplementary angles
right angles
complementary angles
adjacent angles
vertical angles
parallel lines and transversals
12. Triangles
sides and angles of a triangle
perimeter of a triangle
area of a triangle
isosceles triangle
equilateral triangles
right triangles
pythagorean theorem
pythagorean triplets
special right triangles
isosceles right triangles
isosceles right triangles - side ratio
30-60-90 right triangles
30-60-90 right triangles - side ratio
13. Quadliterals
what is a quadliteral
squares and other four-sided objects
perimeter of a square
area of a rectangle
area of a square
area of a parallelogram
rectangular solids - volume and surface area
14. Circles
components of a circle
circumference example
arc length
area of a circle
area of a sector
15. Coordinate geometry
the coordinate plane
plotting points
distance between points
distance formula
equation of lines
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